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How does language both unite and divide people? Unite- Helps to create a group identity, and create a sense of nationalism, or feeling pride in ones country. Divide- Poses a problem with effective communication, creates tension between groups if you cannot communicate.
Beware we are not well educated as the jew are , remember they control the schools, colleges, universities, and training centers.
Would love if this channel had video interview with old homeless whites. very curious about what these people have in mind.

 "if wars can start with lies, peace can start with truth" 

The Jews..

👉 Burned down Rome and blamed the Christians
👉 Killed the Son of God
👉 Planned WW1 (17 years before) - Started WW1
👉 Instigated a genocide of Hungarians
👉 Own all 6 Hollywood studios
👉 Own the magazines
👉 Own the newspapers
👉 Own the social media platforms
👉 Own the porn industry and use it to demoralize
👉 Print all the school books
👉 Control Wall Street
👉 Control the school system
👉 Control the FBI
👉 Control the CIA
👉 Controlled the KGB
👉 Ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and now blame it on whites
👉 Starved 12-18 million Ukrainians
👉 Started the Russian Revolution - Killed 50-67 million Christians
👉 Started the French Revolution
👉 Started the Spanish Revolution
👉 Started the German Revolution (The November Revolution)
👉 Started WW2 - blamed the Germans
👉 Lied about being gassed
👉 Ethnically cleansed Palestine
👉 Stole Israel in 1948 after the Rothschild-Balfour Declaration
👉 Changed the immigration policies in western countries in 1965
👉 Did 9/11 and blamed it on Arabs
👉 Sent American sons to die for Israel in pointless, middle eastern wars
👉 Lied about WMDs in Iraq and repeated the above
👉 Were the first to give a white woman an abortion in Montreal
👉 Invented communism
👉 Invented the "Frankfurt School"
👉 Invented apartheid in South Africa
👉 Invented the abortion pill
👉 Invented feminism
👉 Invented the faggot movement
👉 Invented the pride movement (as if anyone would be proud of a faggot)
👉 Invented and runs the ADL
👉 Invented freemasonry
👉 Invented Black Lives Matter
👉 Invented the NAACP
👉 Invented Antifa
👉 Invented The KKK
👉 Invented NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association)
👉 Invented a climate disaster 3 times (global cooling, global warming, climate change)
👉 Founded: "The Church of Satan" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Founded: "The Satanic Temple" (Jew Malcolm Jarry)
👉 Wrote: "The Satanic Bible" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Wrote: "The Satanic Witch" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Invented fake news
👉 Invented fake viruses
👉 Invented fake and lethal vaccines
👉 Put phytoestrogen (soy oil) in corporate baby formula (for males)
👉 Put all of the fluoride in the water
👉 Use mercury to fill people's teeth
👉 Are expelled from 111 countries (Afghanistan & Yemen recently)
👉 Demoralize the earth
👉 Are satanic
👉 Are called the synagogue of Satan by the greatest man to ever have walked the earth

So yeah. About 0.0000000000 % of the problems facing the west today is not a product of the Jew.