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There is a "Spiritual" Battle Between Those Who Want:

An Infinite Un-Limited Peer-to-Peer Synergistic + Synchronistic Cooperative Game-Theory National-Socialist -- WORLD
of TRUE-FREEDOM for EACH NATION -- to Structure Their-Societies to Suit Their: Real and Aspirational NEEDS !!! :-)
-- Where the Whole-World will Step-by-Step: AGAIN BECOME a Garden-Paradise where MEN "Become-More-God-Like" !!! :-)


A Zero-Sum (TAKE from Others to HAVE) (((Master)))-Slave Non-Cooperative Game-Theory -- Global-Police-State
(((New World Order))) Where Only the "Chosen"-Jews are Masters-with-Rights -- and ALL-Others have: "Privileges"
-- which are "Given" or "Taken-Away" !!! -- By a BRUTAL "Star-Chamber-Justice" System of Un-Questionable-(((LAWS))) !!!

-- DO Your-Own-STUDY -- And DECIDE: Which System / Side YOU Would PREFER !!!!!!! :-) -- And ACT to Manifest-such !!!