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    Die Straße
    Die Straße
    Released on: 2020-11-27
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  • Check out "Plan A" a hollercost revenge flick and a German band being promoted on you tube and instagram. 
    Band name: Nightmare
    Song Title: Move you
    (all in German though)
    spotify all of them apple
  • "He's my intellectual inferior; he sucks my cock." :skull_crossbones:️
  • My favorite part is the railway to Auschwitz at the beginning and invasion of France at the end, the proprietery V2 rocket and Hitler's flag of course.   Go read Yahoo! news on the Olympic torch relay. 0/
  • @SoundTruth:Look at the colors, slattern. 
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    Sia - Titanium Ft. David Guetta (Official Video)
    Sia - Titanium Ft. David Guetta (Official Video)
    Wait for it 0/
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    You shout it out
    But I can't hear a word you say
    I'm talking loud not saying much
    I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
    You shoot me down, but I get up
    I'm bulletproof nothing to lose...
  • @Anatolij: Isaiah 8:8-10
  • @josephboyat: you're endorsing  freemasonry  on a Catholic Nazi website. 
    note the date.         http://www.vatican.va/content/leo-xiii/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_l-xiii_enc_18840420_humanum-genus.html