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    Happy TG, HT!  OMG, the Babe at 1h30~50. FIND OUT WHO SHE IS AND MARRY HERE!!! She'll be a great stablizing effect on your life... She's SMART. Willing to accept questions and LEARN... She is 90% onboard with you... straight out of the gate. FANTASTIC and nearly impossible to find! She's not bad to look at, and not fat. She's got German genes!!! You beat her over the head with Anti-Jew stuff and she was still talking to you. You should stay on OMEGLE until you FIND HER again, and then DATE HER! You're absolutely NUTS if you don't follow up with this gal...  She says she's dating a guy, but - if she was happy with him she wouldn't be on Omegle or drinking alone. GO FOR IT! She's 1 in a Million! 
  • Doc_Lindenbrook has commented on REMOVE FREEMASON

    HT, when you started singing that Julie Andrews song, the on-point blackness of the humour had me burst out laughing, and I imagine the government agent assigned to watch your content did the same. You might want to be the Jay Leno of Jew-naming, but to be frank you'd be a funny host whatever content you were doing. 
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    National Justice Party (NJP) is unfortunately "unoffical". There's not FEC Filing. They created their "party" a year ago last August with a staged PR event (really Penovitch and a few of his friends in a hot barn). They said they would file after the Nov. 2020 election... they never did it. As such, they're not at real political party in the U.S.  Also concerning... Penovitch declared he was Jewish and had a Jewish wife... He's also dropped from the Cville case. Concerning. 
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    HEY BRO... Your comment section is OUT OF CONTROL WITH SPAM... Suggest you watch this! https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/1284453145/Declaring-WAR-on-Goyimtv-tv-Comment-Spammer
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    @BSdebunker:You could also tell him to watch this... https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/1284453145/Declaring-WAR-on-Goyimtv-tv-Comment-Spammer
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    Wow, this guy is beyond BRILLIANT. Thank you very much for uploading! 
  • Doc_Lindenbrook has commented on CONFRONTING AUSTIN POLICE DEPARTMENT

    Great work by everyone! These cops didn't even have the effing balls to come out and talk to you... after you POLITELY asked them to come down in speak with you. What absolutely SHITTY PUBLIC SERVANTS and ZOGBOTS! The drone idea was brilliant ! Ha HA.  The Austin Media is attempting to dilute your importance by claiming you are "... Just an out of town hate group on tour." If  you do anything else in this SHITHOLE CITY, you might want to make up a sign that says: "WE ARE ALL MOVING HERE..."   Ask then what part of the city is still WHITE!   LOL! 
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    @Rindfleisch:Yes, brilliant. I agree completely. Beautifully said. Thank you! 
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    The National Socialist worldview is neither “right” nor “left” but involves all of the national body creating no artificial or ‘class’ divide for the greater good of the people as a whole. - https://antizionistleague.com/scrapbook/philosophy-politics/national-socialism/
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    @Doc_Lindenbrook: 2019 TEXAS
    Dallas      29.1% White
    Houston     23.3% White
    Austin      28.8% White
    San Antonio 23.9% White
    Lubbock     50.1% White
    Midland     43.9% White
    El Paso     12.4% White
    Killeen     24.9% White
    Beaumont    31.4% White
    Texarkana   48.4% White