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  • 4 years is a long time for telling the truth :(
  • @june: Alright... these books are fascinating.  I found a few.  Give me a few weeks! lol
  • @Sovereign_Church_of_Christ:Thanks for the link. 
I do acknowledge that there have been black people in UK/Europe for a very very long time be them settlers, travellers, traders.  And I think such a fact explains all of the artifacts  depicting “negroes.”  But so far I do not see how that proves black people where there first in any way! 
    I will try to look into the books mentioned.   But the website, and I mean no disrespect to you by saying this, but it’s just ridiculous.  It’s relying on the likes of BBC and Wikipedia and the evolutionary/out of Africa LIE to spin a story that white people are from black albinoes??!!  Really? 
  • @Death2Abrahamism:  Thanks for the links - I somehow haven't heard of either of those docus.  I will watch and do my best to comprehend what you are getting at. 
  • @Death2Abrahamism: lol..  eh, you're back!
  • People got flu and people got on with it.  Just like the entire world used to, a mere 2 years ago...!
  • I'd be alright with that life
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    Amish COVID: No "vaccines", No hospitals, No lockdowns
    Amish COVID: No "vaccines", No hospitals, No lockdowns
    m: https://www.bitchute.com/video/C8qLemA6ScGU/
  • so sorry to hear this, sounds like a lot more stress than you need.  Fear will make people crazy.  And they have people living in fear at all times...
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    @BleachForTheStars:  Thanks Benjamin,
    I was thinking of myself, but as soon as I had that thought I realised I really don't have the time at the moment or mental capacity, and wouldn't want to over commit !!  (As I often do!)  I mostly do oil paintings, so unlikely to be quite what you are looking for anyway.  But if I think of someone I will let you know.  
    Hope you are keeping well?  My garden is really flourishing at the moment and a few of the hens are sitting on eggs so we might have more hens soon! :)