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  • Awesome!!!!  Thank you!
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    Thank you for everything you do!!!!  You guys ROCK!
  • @whitehumanmorezombiethanzombie:  WTF???  I wonder if the guy who interviewed me has blocked the play of the video???  This is really weird.
  • @GoyPride:  I completely  understand and wish the destruction of those responsible would begin to happen. I cannot believe these Luciferian monsters are still walking the Earth.
  • @GoyPride: that was in 2016.  No worries about your passionate speech!  I feel the same.
  • @GoyPride:- I know.  That image really disturbed me also.  How utterly disgusting.
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    Pharmakeia Drugs, Black Magic & the End Times Part One -- You don't want to miss this one its good!
    Pharmakeia Drugs, Black Magic & the End Times Part One -- You d...
    Source: ODD TV -- Vaccinations -- What they are doing is never a secret. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear. They always tell you what they are doing, but you might have to look in some odd places or the opposite direction to find your way through the maze. They love to play word games and hide things right under your nose. In plain sight....
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    Powerful, excellent short video! MUST WATCH!
  • @QuinlanBothese: I see your mind is closed QuinlanBothese, but if you read my books, there are many, many citations to back up the things I say.  In my second book, there are 1600 citations verifying the problems with ultrasound and wireless technologies.  If you are not yet aware of Annunaki  influence in this world, hold onto your seat because you about to be presented with undeniable evidence of not only the existence of these beings, but of many others as well.  Truly intelligent people will immediately resonate with Truth when they hear it.  Not sure what that says about you and your level of intelligence.