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    Don't know about you but I'd rather be dead than live under this tyranny.
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    "What is this, a Jewish A.I. skeleton?"
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    Yes, that man on all fours mimicking being painfully sodomised in front of children is... duh duh DUUUH.... a kike. The face profile shot from both sides doesn't lie. It's like these people are on an internal 90-year clock countdown, that by the fourth generation makes them openly challenge the host population to put them in a volcano. 
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    Goncharov - "Thy Cross we worship"
    Goncharov - "Thy Cross we worship"
    Male choir "The Orthodox Singers", Precentor Georgy Smirnov; basses: Victor Kruchenkov, Boris Chepikov, Yuri Vishnyakov; composer Petr Goncharov (1888-1970)
    Mirrored here despite its apparent inconnection to the JQ, as a reminder that our subconscious minds absorb ALL that we see and hear, including elements that our conscious minds a...
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    God bless you for putting yourself out there, HT, and bear in mind that you've got years ahead of you for fatherhood. You set your mind to it, you could get a doting gf within a couple of hours, and you know it. The player never forgets the game. Also, gratified but not remotely surprised to see that you are part of the SCOTTISH MASTER RACE.
    (nb4 "the SCOTTISH MASTER RACE isn't a real thing - you're all a bunch of fat, tatted up junkies on benefits" - the best of the race left for Anglo colonies, where we basically invented the modern world)
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    Tales from Weimerica: Tranny-Nigger Love Gone Wrong
    Tales from Weimerica: Tranny-Nigger Love Gone Wrong
    Carson v Carson - A transgender woman suspects her husband is cheating with naturally born women after tracking his google app to a motel.
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    @HardSilentJay: haha yeah, the Christ spirit does have a habit of flitting in and out at times lol