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A storage place for some of my assorted warbling and moribund defence prepping speculations. Vimeo has just (31st October 2021) censored all of my videos, so apologies that they don't work. It was going okay right up until I started discussing the ins and outs of Project Zyphr, and what to do about it. I've moved to for the moment. Will re-upload for there, if that works. I also received a suspicious unrecognised number phone call at 4am this morning. They may be 'onto me', as such. We shall see.

Here's a small, opinionated bear, and a free book called 'Blight' that I wrote over the course of a wracked 5 months. In case you find my book a bit dull, there are rather a lot of better documents included also, on all aspects of the COVID-19 hoax and 5G, Agenda 2030 and the NWO, and also a basic selection of useful vids that I liked, collected by myself from all across the internet (and even placed in the correct folders - mainly):

I had a ridiculously large selection on the vast historical machinations of Jews and on the accursed Holohoax, as well as SRA and Blood Ritual Sacrifice, and a broad host of Kalergi Plan and Race Realism books and counter-arguments, but had to tear those down temporarily to save my cloud data for something more directly relevant, in a contemporary sense, as pCloud only awards so much free space. That said, I'm aware, somehow, with some growing evidence, that Jews are behind the 'virus' hoax and death injection soft kill depopulation push though, so if I can find any good source documents on that, I'll try to cram a few in. I'd recommend starting with my Situational Awareness Intelligence Report.

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