Chapter 1, Part 8

Published on Sep 4, 2021
The majority of names in Chapter 1, Part 8 came from the ultimate jewish resource; (((JCW)))

Just as with the other more (in)famous names in this chapter, the offenders as well as the majority of victims are jewish. Even more intriguing is that most of the journalists reporting on the abuse are jewish. There is a minimum of one(usually more) jewish lawyer in every case, either acting as defense attorney or prosecutor. There is often times a jewish judge, And if you dig deeper, you find jews covering up abuse or jews exposing abuse. This is the jews' modus operandi of always playing both sides.

If everything I've covered thus far concerning jewish predators were to only be happening in israel, we'd have no reason for concern. However, it's happening on OUR soil, sometimes to OUR women and children, being paid for by OUR tax payers and being normalized to OUR people. And quite frankly being blamed on OUR people either by referring to jews as White or American.

I'd like to note that I don't condone pedophilia or rape on anyone of any race or religion, even jewish women and children. The vicious cycle and patterns of these kinds of evil, repugnant, degenerate, immoral acts likely contribute to the abnormal psyche of the jewish culture as a whole, which in turn greatly affects OUR well being and culture in a negative way.

So I continue on naming the 1.7% of the U.S. and the 0.02% of the world. FYI, Native Americans make up 1.6% of the U.S. Name them.

Stay tuned for Chapter 1, Part 9! Chapter 2 coming soon!

Here is what the JCW has to say about their site:
Jewish Community Watch (JCW) never set out to be a major organization. In 2006, Meyer Seewald’s best friend died tragically at age 17. The young man’s father set up a youth group in his late son’s honor where young teens gathered for camaraderie and support. In 2011, Seewald, himself a survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA), began receiving reports that the father was molesting boys who attended this program.
Further enquiries revealed that this person had a long history of abuse dating back decades earlier to Israel. As is so often the case, community leaders and rabbis in New York who were aware of his dangerous history preferred to handle it “internally,” never considering how many more lives would be put in jeopardy.
After a website was set up to expose the molester and warn others of the danger he posed, hundreds of reports of abuse began flooding in from Jewish communities around the world. JCW’s scope of services quickly expanded to include victim support services, mass awareness events, staff screening for schools and camps, a website with hundreds of pages of resources, and much more.
The staff grew from a handful of volunteers working out of a 10 x 10 bedroom to over a dozen professional employees. A virtual “safe place” has been created for victims to come forward, tell their stories, and receive the help and support they need.


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