Oregon Sheriff Admits The Fires Are Being Ignited Deliberately

Published on Sep 17, 2020
I have seen lots of pictures and reports, some of them likely fake, about how Antifa is setting these fires, which makes perfect sense. This video shows clear evidence that sheriffs are aware of this threat. Apparently this officer was put on administrative leave for his remarks, but I cannot confirm this.
Four people have already been arrested for arson.
JeewsDid9-11 >>>>> Think strategically. If you want a White country, let them cause chaos. These meth ninjas and the niggers are pushing the jews' agenda of Helter Skelter. We need a civil war if we expect to ever overthrow the jew and we need the normies onboard with that. They're never going to fight the jews (that's up to us), but we can get them to fight these meth ninjas and niggers. Plus they will keep LEO and military occupied so that we can make unrestricted strikes on the kikes.


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