Published on Jun 10, 2021
From JSF:
On my mind all night: Mexican television proves the Corona vax is using hidden tech, there's no other way
Cell phones are sticking to the vaccination sites. That's not possible with conventional technical explanations. Take your cell phone and put a magnet up to it. All 3 I tested plus a tablet would not stick to a magnet except for right where the speaker is. Yet random cell phones, in any random orientation are sticking to the vax sites. There is no conventional explanation for how this is happening. If the actual conventional magnetism we are familiar with was that powerful no one would be able to get into a car or open the fridge. Cell phones are relatively heavy and are mostly non-magnetic. WTH is going on here? I tested 3 cell phones and a tablet with powerful neodymium magnets and they did not stick AT ALL.
This needs more testing and examination, however, from how it looks at this point that vax is causing the body to build something that represents a technology we have never been permitted to have access to. There's nothing in conventional tech outside of magnetism that can explain a cell phone sticking, and if cell phones are predominantly non-magnetic, a technology is at play that we were never allowed to have access to.
This is "Philadelphia experiment" level tech, and the vax re-programs your body to build it. There is simply no other way this could be possible:
UPDATE: Claudia watched this. She knows what program this is, who the announcers are, said she does not like that program, and said the announcers were very surprised the vaxxed people actually were magnetic.
She said this is obviously 100 percent legit.
This won't stay on Youtube for long! They made fun of the claim the vax was magnetic, called people from the crowd who had been vaxxed, the first two had nothing stick and then . . . . TOTAL FAIL. That's the last thing they want going out over a live MSM broadcast.
You can tell the hosts are scared by this and they cut the segment short, less than a minute after it was confirmed true.
Another update, my comments:
Cell phones do not stick to magnets. And spoons are sticking to people. It seems like anything that has any metal at all sticks. That can only mean the vaccine is forcing people's bodies to create something that is literally a dark technology we have had stolen from us. The body has to be creating a frequency for non magnetic materials to stick, and they are sticking via induction or I'll be frank here, I don't know what the hell is going on here.
If cell phones are sticking to people that is very serious, how much does a cell phone weigh, and how strong would the attraction have to be to do that? And HOW? In the early part of that video they showed a woman showing how her cell phone sticks to her. OK, that might be explained by however that phone is made, maybe it has a lot of iron or something else in it. But the announcer stuck his totally random phone to the guy and it stuck too. I just tested magnets on 3 different cell phones and they DO NOT STICK except for one small spot where the speaker is. That is not enough to hold the phone on an arm, especially in any random orientation. WTH is going on??? There is an attraction being made by the vax sites and it might not even be a magnetic attraction. I really don't know how the announcers random phone stuck to the guy.
And they cut it short. DAMMIT. THEY CUT IT OFF once the result was not what they wanted. They wanted to poke fun at people and ended up eating it. AND THEY CUT IT OFF.
Blew an enormous opportunity to put things right on national television. That is inexcusable when obviously they were not in on whatever con job that vax really is.

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