Jews Holodomor Soviet Goyim Before 1991 USSR Takeover

Published on Jun 25, 2021

This is a compilation of footage from an old news program "600 Seconds". They made local news reports around Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Before collapsing the USSR along with its Soviet goyim slaves, jews had to prepare the grounds. They had to make stupid goyim even more stupid. Drunk, starving and angry with the Soviet administration and system.
Jews worked the hardest less than 5 years before 1991 and on 2 major cities — St. Petersburg and Moscow.
By hoarding food for themselves and destroying it they made store lines and starved the Soviet goyim. Along with a new Holodomor, jews devised other methods for infuriating goyim. Like complications for goyim's food tickets making it harder to get any food for them. In Petersburg goyim with their food tickets were restricted to a single shop at their place of residence. Yet they often worked till late hours in other areas and didn't have time to stand in store lines to get any food before the shop closed or the food ran out. Then they had to come the next day as other shops were restricted for them.
They also worked on alcohol, first restricting it and then overflowing thirsty goyim with it. Cigarettes were often restricted and destroyed to keep the addicted goyim nervous and thirsty for a jew revolution.
Some instances of these jew tactics are shown in this compilation of jews operating in and around St. Petersburg between 1989 and 1991. Enjoy!


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