Babylon BEFORE Adolf Hitler.!!

Published on May 29, 2020
In this VERY "revealing" video., the viewer will get a partial glimpse into the numerous types of TOTAL decadency AND hedonism (*Warning - nudity - 18+*.!) that existed in Berlin (and elsewhere in Germany / Europe) for at least a decade BEFORE the election of Adolf Hitler., and what "true and upright" Germans were exposed to AND had to put up with., when it was almost exclusively owned / operated by the Jews AND their "Goy" collaborators AND "customers".
It's also no wonder., that when a large portion of these powerful people ("The Chosen") had left Berlin and then emigrated to America (and elsewhere) that the "sexual revolution" was then "just around the corner" AND also., the "monetary inflation" brought on by the (for the most part, Jewish) international banking system...
This documentary will *certainly* remind you of what is NOW (and has been) taking place in America AND all across the world..!!
As always., PLEASE share this with others you believe may benefit from its thought-provoking & truthful content...

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