Jagmeet Singh - You are a rank Hypocrite! Freedom Convoy Protest Not OK but Farmers Protest OK?

Published on Feb 24, 2022
Meet the confused party leader of NDP, Jagmeet Singh - doesn't know his own religion & symbols; one set of rules for Farmers of India and another for Freedom Convoy of Canada.
Source Feb 17, 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMWtFVmSrSE
00:00 Intro
00:28 Ongoing Freedom Convoy Protest & Farmer’s Protest in India
02:15 Hypocrisy of Jagmeet Singh
03:06 Swastika
03:53 Swastika in Rig veda
04:38 How the shape of Swastika was formed?
05:00 Big Dipper or Saptarishi
06:26 Saptarishi in Sikhism
07:53 To educate the ignorant
08:25 Can’t the Canada Govt listen to the voice of the people?
08:35 Conclusion
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