Ryan Dawson Interviews Fred Leuchter, Oct 3, 2021

Published on Oct 4, 2021
Ryan Dawson's disclaimer: Because nuance is dead, I want to make something clear enough that even a liberal could understand it. I totally denounce racial supremacy, Nazism and forced labor camps, which ought to go without saying. I'd like to point out that that's not unlike what Lincoln did and his face is on a mountain and you all know how I feel about “stinking Lincoln.” The said reason to participate in World war II was the invasion of Poland which at the conclusion of the war, the Soviets occupied. Thus the post war rationale became to stop the Holocaust. Every crime that Germany was guilty of so were the allied powers. The Soviet Union and the US in particular as one starved to death tens of millions of people, the other nuked two civilian cities.

The targeting of Jews was bad enough on its own without all these wild exaggerations like soap and lampshades, skeet shooting babies, having one's hands chopped off and sewn upside down, the eagle, and the bear, the roller coaster of death ... the list goes on. It's unnecessary and it's just stupid. Holocaust orthodoxy has agreed and the needle keeps moving away from the atrocity propaganda. It's not like reducing the death count in any way diminishes the very real suffering and tragedy of Nazi victims. Being shot or starved instead of gassed to death wouldn't make much of a difference to the dead; and yet reducing the number of gassed or number of gas chambers is punishable with incarceration. If something cannot be questioned then it is not history and it is not science it is propaganda. No camps on the west side of the iron curtain are said to have used homicidal gas Chambers that's 16 out of the 22. What is the point other than it sounding more sinister of disguising gas chambers as shower heads rather than just using a gas chamber. Why did they fake one in Dachau. Shower heads rather than just using a gas chamber why did they fake one in Dachau. Does Auschwitz really need five gas Chambers instead of one or were all of these also shower rooms. Might crematorium one have actually been a morgue like they said. This would also have been needed at the camp and if it was a gas chamber then where was the morgue?

Asking these questions does not make one hate Jews or support Hitler. It will however get one labeled as such and become the target of terrorist attacks and kangaroo courts. Does one questioning 9/11 suggests one hates America? Questioning the Gulf of Tonkin make one pro communist? No. And neither of these things are illegal.. yet.

Any deviation from the most radical interpretation of the Holocaust is falsely categorized as denial, and a person guilty of heresy, becomes dehumanized and financially and often physically assaulted! What are they so afraid of!!!???

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