What Do Immoral Blacks Care About? BLACKFACE 🙄 Megyn Kelly Fired

Published on Oct 16, 2021
77-percent of black babies are born out-of-wedlock to black women who were born in America. Black-on-black crime is out-of control in Chicago, Gary, IN, inner cities. Abortion is out of control — girls as young as 14, 15, 16, having abortions. The relationship between black men and black women is awful — black men are weak, and black women are angry — not all, not all, but most. Black churches for the most part are useless. You're more likely to find God by staying at home or going to Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, than the average black church. The illegal aliens are running blacks out of their own communities. Caravans coming every year. It's a real moral mess in the black community.

Most blacks hate white people. Their suffering and anger is blamed on white people. What are blacks concerned about? "Blackface" worn by white people. Tearing down statues of great men who helped build and frame this country. Even if a white admires a black and dresses up like them for Halloween, it's not allowed — it's called "racism" by the children of the lie. It's evil, insane, as dumb as you can get. If you're white, you're not even allowed to talk about it. You lose your job. What has happened to my country? I want my country back. In the good old days when boys were boys and men were men, this was not an issue.

This is from the children of the lie, like the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, etc. Megyn Kelly is out at NBC for simply talking about "blackface" — in a good way! She told the truth, and she lost her job. There may be more behind the scenes — they likely wanted to take her out anyway.

If I were into the black thing, I'd say no, this is too far. Black people don't care about what's right — why don't you fix your lives!

James & Jesse talk about Jimmy Kimmel dressing up like NBA's Karl Malone, the Wayans brothers dressing up like White Chicks, Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder, Mariah Carey's ex Nick Cannon, Dave Chappelle.

Caller Tyrone of Chicago calls Jesse an idiot & tries to deny the record low murder clearance rate of 17.5-percent in Chicago in 2017, 82.5-percent of murders going with no arrest, never solved. Jesse calls him a beta male and says he needs Jesus.

Megyn Kelly reportedly is leaving NBC after she talked about “blackface.”
Clip 25-3.A. (Twitter / NBC) Megyn Kelly wonders what the big deal is about blackface…0.23
B. She tells a story of someone who dressed up like Diana Ross…0.25

NBC News chairman Andy Lack said, “I condemn those remarks. There is no place on our air or in this workplace for them.”
NBC News anchor Craig Melvin said her comments were “ignorant and racist… stupid and indefensible.”

Clip 26-1 (Huff. Post) Weather anchor Al Roker and other blacks speak out…0.28
Clip 26-2.A. (NBC) Padma Lakshmi chef woman scolds Megyn Kelly…0.13
B. Cornell William Brooks says blackface dehumanized blacks…0.33
C. Al Roker and another NBC anchor talk about it…0.35

Padma Lakshmi tweeted: minstrelsy is the basis for the coining of the term "Jim Crow" laws which served to humiliate & target Black Americans. Because caricaturing another race perpetuates the dehumanization of POC who are being killed & jailed at a disproportionate rate in the US

(Variety) Megyn Kelly sent an email apologizing to Co-Workers for her ‘Blackface’ comments

(Urban Hollywood 411) Megyn Kelly Makes Tearful On-Air Apology for Blackface Comments

Clip 25-4.A. (Megyn Kelly TODAY) Megyn Kelly apologizes…0.36
B. She says black face is never okay given the history of racists in this country…0.34
C. She gets applause for the apology…0.32

Clip 26-3.A. (Daily Mail) Megyn Kelly is out at NBC…0.20
B. Her staff dislike her. Melissa Rivers who was there says it was “uncomfortable”…0.23

She’s negotiating the remainder of her $69M contract, and wants Ronan Farrow there.

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