10 MIND BLOWING Secrets In US Dollars!

Published on Aug 3, 2021
Crazy facts about the money of the United States!

#8. “Hidden Critters”-This curious aspect of the one-dollar bill isn’t as easy to debunk as some of theories revolving around US currency. If you look extremely closely, and we mean magnifying glass close, outside of the top left part of the ornate border that surrounds the number one on the right side of the bill you will see an odd looking figure. Some say that the image is of a skull and some say it is a spider but the most common thing that people think it is, is an owl. What is the significance of this hidden critter? Well as it turns out the owl is considered to be one of the main symbols of the Freemasons, the secret and powerful brotherhood that many of the founding fathers are believed to have belonged. The Freemasons believe that the owl represents reincarnation because they are nocturnal and according to legends, owls contain the souls of people who have passed away who are waiting until morning to find a new body. Though less fantastical, they have also long been symbols of wisdom, the pursuit of which is a common theme in Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

#7 “Money Makings”- One secret that you probably weren’t aware of lies in what material the dollar bill is actually made out of. You may have wondered how something made out of paper can withstand so much wear and tear over the years and not disintegrate like normal paper would. Well, this is because U.S. paper currency isn’t made out of paper at all, rather a combination of seventy-five percent cotton and twenty-five percent linen, which give it superior durability to plain old paper. These bills are also required to have red and blue fibers woven into the tight fabric for added security. The average dollar bill lasts around six years, whereas if it was made of paper it probably wouldn’t last more than a year under the conditions our money experiences.

#6. “Letter Code”- Unless you are completely oblivious to what you are putting in your wallet you have probably noticed the circular stamp-looking marking with a letter inside of it on the dollar bill. This is is the Federal Reserve Seal and the letter inside of it represents the reserve bank that ordered the bill. The number next to the seal, called the Federal Reserve District Number also corresponds to this bank. There are twelve of these banks across the country and each of them represents a different region of the country. If you see the letter ‘A’ and the number ‘1’ this means the bill was ordered by the bank in Boston. If you see the letter ‘L’ and the number ‘12’ the bill was ordered by the bank in San Francisco.

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