Joshua Washington rectifies leftists & blacks pushing anti-Zionism & anti-Semitism in US curriculum

Published on Mar 10, 2021
http://JooTube.TV Joshua Washington protesting the divisive, radical "Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum" (ESMC)" that leftists are pushing into school districts throughout the state, addressed the "End the Hate Rally" in Los Angeles and gave these remarks to JewTube.Info.

Mr. Washington's presentation was characterized by Aaron Bandler in the Jewish Journal of L.A. thusly: Washington, executive director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, pointed out that a day before his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr said that there was increasing radicalization among some in the Black community that “there are some who are color-consumed and see a kind of mystique in being colored, and anything non-colored is condemned.” King, he added, explicitly rejected that line of thinking. “What we are saying now with this Critical Ethnic Studies curriculum is an academic reiteration of the color consumption he described. This is part of why many like Dr. King are excised from the curriculum and Dr. King himself lambasted and belittled as weak and docile.”
Washington added that several civil rights leaders are ignored and disparaged in the curriculum while it glorifies “militant violence.” He also said that the history of Jews and the Black-Jewish alliance is underrepresented in the curriculum, while Arab studies are overrepresented and fail to mention “the centuries long slave trade of Africans that still continues today.” Washington warned that more than 20 school districts in California have adopted the first ESMC draft that many Jewish groups viewed as problematic.

“If your school district is one of those districts, it is up to you to apply serious pressure on your child’s school to get rid of this,” Washington said. “Apart from espousing poisonous doctrine, the curriculum is filled with lies and half-truths and complete distortions. It isn’t a celebration of different culture; it’s a celebration of a single destructive ideology.” He added that “no revision can redeem this Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. What can redeem it is a return to the drawing board with a new group of authors with more diversity of thought and not a group of people with the clear and obvious anti-Jewish, anti-Black and anti-peace agenda.”



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