Coronavirus Vaccine Uncensored With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And Del Bigtree

Published on May 2, 2021
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Children's Health Defense
Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (24:19)
The Truth About Vaccines Episode 1 | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview (1:57:24)
People In Authority Lie by by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (1:53)
The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits (7:49)
Why Bill Gates Wants Indemnity by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (6:05)
The CDC Is Actually A Vaccine Company by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (12:46)
The HighWire with Del Bigtree
The alternative news network to everything health
Should You Really Wear A Mask? by Del Bigtree (17:59)
Professor Dolores J. Cahill With Del Bigtree (36:09)
Professor Dolores Cahill And Fiona Marie Flanagan by Grand Torino (1:59:49)
Debunking The Narrative With Professor Dolores Cahill (1:06:44)
Dr. Zach Bush, Who Predicted COVID-19, Answers All With Del Bigtree (1:22:11)
Censored Dr. Daniel Erickson Doubles Down With Del Bigtree (23:21)
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