Proof that the Luciferian Elite Are Poisoning Us By Spiking Our Drinking Water With Graphene Oxide

Published on Aug 26, 2021
The Fifth Column Research Group out of Spain have applied electrified diodes that are used in the process of electroplating to force the nanoparticle graphene that had been dissolved in tap-water onto the surface. They used bottled distilled water as their control comparison and were able to show that this phenomena was only found in the water that comes from the facet. Once the dissolved particles were made visible, the team used neodymium magnets to illustrate that the nanoparticles were attracted and therefore most likely consist of the graphene oxide the "Secret Handshake" club seem desperate to get into our bodies.
I have tried the plastic bag experiment with the water from the tap in my small city in Northern Ontario, Canada, and found that it was not magnetic. Perhaps our community is too small, so the Globalists have not yet spiked our drinking water with graphene. That said, the experiment using a magnet and a plastic bag full of water or a piece of wet cardboard are easily replicated at home.
I strongly suggest running this experiment yourself, one can not be too cautious as we are in the middle of WW3, and it is all too clear that sinister genocidal forces within our own governments want us dead

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