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Published on Sep 3, 2021
Lights Out is an American television boxing drama series from the FX network in the United States. It stars Holt McCallany as Patrick "Lights" Leary, a New Jersey native, and former heavyweight champion boxer who is considering a comeback. The series premiered on January 11, 2011 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.[1] On March 24, 2011, FX announced the cancellation of the show. The final episode aired on April 5.[2]
Plot synopsis
An aging, former world heavyweight champion, Patrick "Lights" Leary is an extremely proud, good-hearted Irish American who is struggling to find his identity after retiring from his beloved boxing. After years of wear and tear in the ring, he is diagnosed with pugilistic dementia (a neurological disorder that affects boxers who suffered too many hits to the head, gradually causing memory loss and constant headaches). Now, Lights is struggling to support his family (a wife and three daughters) and their comfortably secure lifestyle in Bayonne, New Jersey, after his amoral and incompetent brother/business manager squanders Lights' life savings. Running out of waysβ€”and timeβ€”to earn enough money to re-secure his family's future, Leary must decide whether to either: accept the brutal and demeaning job of debt collector for a local racketeer; or, launch a long shot, health-risking, comeback for the huge payday that would result from becoming "the champ" once again.
Holt McCallany as Patrick "Lights" Leary
Pablo Schreiber as Johnny Leary
Catherine McCormack as Theresa Leary
Stacy Keach as Robert "Pops" Leary
Meredith Hagner as Ava Leary
Ryann Shane as Daniella Leary
Lily Pilblad as Katherine Leary
Billy Brown as Richard "Death Row" Reynolds
Elizabeth Marvel as Margaret Leary
Bill Irwin as Hal Brennan
Reg E. Cathey as Barry K. Word
Eamonn Walker as Ed Romeo
Former heavyweight boxing champion Patrick "Lights" Leary (Holt McCallany) struggles to find his identity after retiring from the sport. He also wonders how he is going to support his medical resident wife Theresa (Catherine McCormack), and their three daughters. The series premiere begins five years after Leary's retirement following a controversial split-decision loss to Richard "Death Row" Reynolds (Billy Brown). The Learys' once charmed life is on shaky ground; the IRS is determined to take away their mansion, and Patrick's brother/manager Johnny (Pablo Schreiber) wants him to make a comeback, despite him showing signs of pugilistic dementia.

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