MCP 20-31 Aug 2007 No More Wars For Israel, ADL, Scofield Bible by the Rothschild, Armenia

Published on Jul 18, 2021
Never forget Eustace Mullins confirms the true definition of “Hebrew” = Cut-throat Bandits from across the river

20070831 No More Wars For Israel, Masada Sampson option, 6 NY Times article 27 Feb 2003 confirming that Israel jews want war against Iraq, 12 Rabbit Emanuel Ruckman (?) attacking gov. Conley for criticising Israel – and calls for his murder, Rabbit gives a good definition of how jews carry out genocide, mossad murdered John Conley in 1979 when he ran for president,

27 If the jewish people in this country, are not going to rise up and throw out their so-called leaders, then they too are part of the problem, and we are not going to play Mr Nice guy anymore and pretend that they are not part of the problem.

29 Tikkun Magazine published by Rabbi Learner “The Israel Lobby, bad for the US, bad for Israel, bad for the jews”, 35 JINSA attacks good people in the US military, 39 General David Petraeus=jew

20070830 3 There might be a nice jewish grocer at the corner. There might be a nice jewish shopkeeper. They’re very nice people. They are wonderful people. But in the bigger picture, the fact is the organised jewish community, in many respects, is proving to be the greatest threat to the survival of America.

Jim tucker now managing editor at AFP, 15 “We need to declare war against the jews who are in favour of war, because they are going to blow up the world. It us or them. It’s as simple as that !” Talmud, 23 The Bell Curve – Charles Murray = stupid lying jew (remember the average IQ of jews in Israel is 94 – i.e. below average white man), 38 ADL Abe Foxman is a holocaust denier (Arminian),

20070829 13 Israel mossad spy Leon Fuerth “Mega” inside Al Gore office, 16 Aaron Russo dies, Holocaust museum quote, 34 Sarkozy = jew from Greece Hungary, 42 Al Gore’s daughter married Jacob Schiff’s great great grandson (= Rothschild), Huey Long murdered by jew and worked on by jewish doctor,

20070827 Guest Van Loman

20070824 Greg Szymanski = scum, 35 Willis Carto life threatened by Zionist Jaques ToChina (?) of World Zionist Organisation

Addicted to War Why the U.S. Cant Kick Militarism by Joel Andreas

20070823 Jewish power in the USA, 13 Talk about chutzpah. Our jewish friends keep reminding us that polls are taken that show “most of the Jews in America oppose the war in Iraq”. Anybody who believes that will believe anything. What a lie! Hitler said that the jews have an amazing capacity to tell the big lie, and that is what’s been told here…

14 “Freedom watch” funded by Sheldon Adelson & ….. 18 Al Jazeera may be part owned by a jew, 27 John Ranking put forward a bill to make membership with the ADL a crime,

20070822 NY Time article “The great Separation”, 10 US Jews attacking Putin and ignore Lenin & Trotsky, 13 Palestine, 19 quotes from book

On the road to Armageddon - how evangelicals became Israel's best friend by Timothy B Weber

28 It took me 10 years at least to discover that this dispensationalist interpretation of the Bible, was not the mainstream Christian interpretation of the Bible. Then it took me at least 20 years to discover that this dispensationalist interpretation, is something that was really only was cooked up in the late 1700s and early 1800s and really didn’t take root in America theologically until the turn-of-the-century, thanks to the financing of the Scofield Bible by the Rothschild controlled Oxford University Press.

41 ADL drop their balls on Armenian genocide issue

20070821 10 “The Israelis only wants democracy, when it’s under their control.” 16 books on the holocaust / WW2 & Jewish Ritual Murder, 20 Dr RMJ Putin is fighting jews, Leon Degrelle (Mark Webber tried to burn/censor the book), 24 Bollyn letter to Hufschidt, 36 Fred Toben may goto jail for Holocaust denial, 42 ADL fires workers who want to acknowledge the Armenian genocide

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy - Mearsheimer Walt!p1oSiQgZ!khVHm-aWg8CkedLAg4mb_zJ9npDagjHjoXyolVZuCcc
The Israel Lobby and American Policy 2017 Prof. John J. Mearsheimer

20070820 Bollyn letter breaking away from Darryl Bradford Smith & Eric Hufschmit, 12 Armenians kick out ADL for not accepting the Arminian holocaust (because the leader of the Turks Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was a jew took the turks to war against the Arminian and the Greeks), 15:50 “The ADL is an agent for the government of Israel, although it denies it of course, but it illegally acts as an agent for Israel, in this country. It commits crimes daily by doing this, and by refusing to register as an agent of Israel.”

17:50 The ADL is a defamation group. Nothing it puts out is anything more than defecation. It’s a group that should be shut down. It’s a group that faced criminal indictment years ago in San Francisco because of its criminal activities. And those criminal activities are still being carried on. People from the ADL are criminals, and people who support the work of the ADL, financially or otherwise, are criminals.

30 jewish Kosher tax on food = jewish extortion system

40 “The reason why the Jews are so against anyone mentioning the Armenian genocide, is because at time they were called “The Young Turks” & they were Jewish converts to Islam, which were running the Turkish Empire, and they were after the Armenian (& Greek) Christians, and they decided to slaughter them, like they do anybody they run across. The Armenians were the only Christians in the Turkish Empire.”

“There were all sorts of groups operating in Europe around 1917, & they used the name “Young” (e.g. the Young Turks). There was also a group here in the United States called “Young American Movement”, and it was also influenced by Rothschild money. So these revolutionary groups, were Jewish groups operating the various countries.”

The Young Turks leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk = jewürk

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