crazy Sandy Hook false flag Only 1 day in all satellite history Sandy Hook was covered in chemtrails

Published on Jun 5, 2020
I scanned over 8 years of twice daily satellite imagery taken over Sandy Hook and what I discovered proves that shooting was a govt staged event. The US Govt began covering up Sandy Hook air space before sunrise and continued covering Sandy Hook until the event was over.. Only 1 day in all satellite history was Sandy Hook covered in trails. There is only 1 agency on Earth with the authority to cover 150 square miles of US air space in aerosols - The US Air Force. WAKE UP THE UNITED STATES POLICE TRAINED IN ISRAEL ORDER OUT OF CHAOS THE ZIONIST PLAN SHARE THE INTERNAL ENEMY OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD THE CREATORS OF COMMUNISM HAVE GLOBAL CONTROL THE CORONAVIRUS IS A SMOKESCREEN FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER WAKE UP THIS GUY HAS GOT IT SPOT ON BOMBSHELL BOSTON BOMBINGS FALSE FLAG ALL CRISIS ACTORS YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE FAKE WOUNDS WAKE UP


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