Madd Cold - Universal Anti-Parasitism

Published on Nov 13, 2021
From Madd Cold's Album: Eternally Husseini: Volume 1 (2017)
Madd Cold's political analysis website:
Husseini...Burns deep...In my bones...And you will...Feel it too...In every word...Of my poems...My name...
Is Madd Cold...And I fight for...ALLAH’s throne...The music...Is my fam...Iron Galaxy...It’s our stand...And together we...Do rise...To send Zion...To its demise...
Mossad death squads kick in my door and they nab me for crimes/against World Jewry,
they wanna execute me, truly I’m honored you parasites so allow me to gladly reply/My
last words will not be apologetic, I find you slobs pathetic and that’s why I rip you madly
with rhyme/You get kicked outta 100 locations and I’m the bigot? Nah, I’m just an AntiParasitic Pioneer and analytical enough to know you want we Gentiles to badly decline/
Take my life but DTZ, will still be, my motto on vinyl that I left flashing behind/Singed on
the lips of my acolytes like an after-afterlife, haunting you, ain’t it so savvy-sublime?/
They’ve heard enough and drag me to die and without any further ado they put a bullet
through my eyes/In the distance, I hear my loved ones feel such doom and cry/
Overwhelmed, they start to eulogize/Supersonic, do you know who you have martyred, I
really do not think you realize/I hear the killers on their comms, “Bibi, the Goy’s been
neutralized!”/But you spoke too soon, Jews, a beam the color of Hizbullah’s flag shoots up
into the sky/Blueness fries, clouds all gush to blood, it’s a lucid sign from the Only and One
True Divine (SWT)/It’s a new horizon and I dare you to guess yo who survived it?! ME!
Through the music I boom and rise, the Iraqi destroyer of Jewish lies/And my message is
Goyim that you will fly/And in my hand, it’s not a mic, it’s a deadly scepter/that casts out
an energy that seeks out supremacy and tears down the likes of Leslie Wexner/Seif,
Lehman, Lazard, Warburg, Rothschild, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, for too long we’ve let this
frightening medley fester/Call me Sargon, Incredible and Stern, I’ll sever them with words
and with clear boldness/Right as rain, let’s ice the brains of the Federal Reserve and its
shareholders/I will no longer let y’all be sheeple/Take you out your Jew-state, mutate you
into free people/Liberate you from the oligopoly media’s Heeb-evil/Andrew Breibart, Aviv
Nevo/Brian Roberts to Rupert Murdoch it’s transparent how these creeps keep yo’/lives
stuck in this matrix of hatred and deep sleep yo/This is Malcolm X the Yellow and Green
sequel/Party of God shall be victorious, we soar in the star-filled mesosphere, we are not
weak seagulls/Inheritors of the totally restored Falasteen, sons of the Phoenix, esteemed
HOOK (2x)
Do you know what this here is
Mouqawamah Music spirit
Hip-Hop Hizbullahi fire
Blazes bright with each lyric
You built a fortress, but we’ll burst through
With our faith, then disperse you
And the globe will cheer, LOUD
‘Cause Anti-Parasitism is Universal
Karbala and Intifada Consciousness, I’m here to shake the hold/Like I bankrupted every
toy corp on Earth, I’m here to break the mold/Think of me as a Marbury patent, you
cannot take my SOLE/Shot down every record deal that came my way/’cause I refused to
be a shameful slave/who made his pay from the silent approval, of what the Zionist Jews do
to nation-states/I did not come here to talk, no, I came to slay/The Judaic Dragon, so you
two-faced faggots really should get alarmed/like a burglar who ain’t got the heart to do
murder but tripped in the crib of a kingpin and he set off a sick alarm/A lot of these
“rapper rebels” are CIA but front like they’re spitting hard/And others, go around
insulting Hizbullah/And defending ‘Israel’s’ fake right to exist, while Lebanon, was getting
bombed/Yuck, but the Buck stops here like the Milwaukee NBA franchise up in smoke/If
you have no guts and don’t say “death to ‘Israel’”, your revolutionary status is just
revoked/Hypocrites die when the missiles hit, time for you to run for cover dun/Hang out
with a Viper long enough, no Technique mortal or Immortal that can stop you from
becoming one/So keep slithering and hissing in your frail vest/Reach for your guns but it is
a pasta shortage, they got no shells left/Hanging my victories on the wall, which fraud
wants to get nailed next?/Do I like the Yahoud?! Hell no! Will I fight the Yahoud ‘till I’ve
diced up their rule?! HELL YES!/Raise mics and destroy your political correctness/Cut
through the liberal proclivities, “chosen” sensitivities, and the miserable deceptions/Call a
thing a thing, don’t care one bit who it offends/Globe Holders and Christ-haters, that’s
what you colonized Muslims choose when you take the Jews as your friends/STOP IT!


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