Arrested for asking about common law. part 2

Published on Oct 17, 2020
I got arrested in Castle Park, Bristol on the 12th may at around 15:10pm.

What happened was, a few people that I have met and hang around with in Bristol were walking through Castle Park on a lovely day. We saw some more friends on the hill type part of the park near the kids climbing area. As we got to the top of the hill i could see a police car and 3 youths were by the car. I asked a friend of mine what was going on, and he told me the that the police were having a word with the youths about playing on the climbing frame.

So I felt the urge to go and have a word with this respectable public servant with job title of police constable, (or so I thought).

What happened next was I had a little joke with the kids on my way towards them. After this I asked the constable if I could ask him some questions, to which he replied with yes but he may not answer them.
Whats the difference between legal and lawful as we are meant to be in a common law jurisdiction.
Long and short of it was he said he felt I was demeaning him and told me to go away. He then tried to grab the camera I use and grabbed me up. At this point I was walking backwards towards the top of the hill. Where he made some wild claims such as I am causing a scene and breach of the peace was also mentioned.
He asked for me to give him my name, So i said do you have any proof I had this thing called a name to give you. This went on until his back up arrived and then he grabbed the camera, then wrestled me to the floor and I was nicked.






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