Spiritual Solution to the Evil Plaguing Humanity (Link in Description) *Shadow Work

Published on Jul 11, 2020
**Preface for clarification: I'm focused only on Jungian psychology of shadow work.

From Sister Shanti's Instagram post:
Light Warriors it’s time to unite IN TRUTH. TRUTH = LIGHT. Denying TRUTH = continued karmic pain for the collective. EVERYTHING is coming to light as I write this. The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is about to uncover unspeakable and unthinkable injustices that have been perpetrated against human kind for the last 2,000 years. It’s beyond anything you could ever possibly imagine. I know it isn’t comfortable. I know it hurts. I know it seems like it’s easier to just push it aside. But this is a purging and cleansing like we have never seen before. It goes beyond politics. Beyond current events. Beyond elected officials. Beyond Covid. This is ancient evil. It’s the evil that took away our Divinity and direct connection to God through a corrupt church system, it’s the same evil that enslaved Black people, that created division between us. That has been preforming the most heinous acts against humanity in particular the trafficking and torture of children in order to keep Earth at a lower denser vibration. That brainwashed us with mass media and Hollywood to pacify us. That has hidden technologies from us that would have us living with free energy and not depending on fossil fuels. That has created all of the major World Wars. That has essentially made humans into a slave race. AND ITS ALL COMING TO LIGHT. I’m so relieved and excited while I write this. So please everyone this information is not “low vibe” it is truth. Please see beyond what the media is covering right now. Reach deep into your own intuition and FEEL TRUTH, call your own shadow to light. That’s how you can assist. Sending you all so much love. GRAND RISING!!!!!!

Please check out Sister Shanti's latest Instagram post because it's relevant information on corruption plaguing humanity and viable tips on reorienting humanity back onto its proper course.
Here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCepVZzHK95/
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Original title of the video: Keep your light Instagram Story by Sister Shanti


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