the moronic myth of Hitler-Rothschild is devoid of logic.

Published on May 23, 2020
I highly recommend that everyone who reads this, copy and paste it where needed, whenever some jew mossad agent tries to discredit Hitler, post this!!!
Below is all the PROOF that you should ever need about Adolf Hitler, every disinfo lie that i could think of is answered. After having read and known the truth, those that continue to push lies about Hitler must be jew disinfo agents, theres really no two ways about it.
Given that the moronic myth of Hitler-Rothschild is so devoid of logic, so utterly unsubstantiated, and so easily debunked — one has to wonder why such claims continue to be peddled by some in the “truth movement.” There are three categories of people promoting this rubbish:
1. Controlled or fake opposition / Jew Zionist trolls
2. Hitler-phobics
3. Sincere dupes of categories 1 & 2
The false opposition explanation for the Hitler-Rothschild lie is self-explanatory. There are those – the usual suspects (cough cough) – who, in an attempt to steer truth-seeking “conspiracy theorists” away from the greatness and goodness of Hitler, would have us believe that Hitler was a traitor working for the N.W.O. / Illuminati. They are deliberately poisoning the well of truth. It’s that simple.
The Hitler-phobia phenomenon, on the other hand, is not the work of false opposition agents. Rather, it is motivated by the fear of “going all the way” by embracing the undeservedly toxic name of the “evil” Adolf Hitler. These weak-willed (and ad-revenue dependent) truthers will passionately (and sincerely) rail against the Globalists and their evil agent FDR, and the evil Communist Stalin. But they need to come up with a plausible-sounding explanation for Hitler’s fight against the very same Globalists that they hate so much.
You see, they can’t say that the Globalists were suddenly “the good guys” during World War II — but nor can they bring themselves to admit that Hitler was “the good guy” fighting Globalism either. Perish the thought! Its quite a pickle for these timid types (John Birch Society, Alex Jones, etc). What to do — what to do?
The “Hitler-was-in-bed-with-the-Globalists” Fairy Tale solves this little problem. As the manufactured argument goes, the Globalists and Hitler were both “bad guys” who double-crossed each other! It’s a very safe middle-ground for the 1/2 truth movement — but it’s a lie/error that 100% truthers should be aware of, and stay far away from.
(Thanks to "Mukunda_dasa_108" for the above part of this comment)
Lets set a few more things straight for the mentally challenged while we are at it...
"NAZI = National Socialist Zionist- Yes Nazis were Jew sympathizers for populating the stolen lands of Palistine."
No they were not. The word NAZI was reintroduced in 1920 by the JEWISH journalist Konrad Heiden to ridicule the National Socialists. THE WORD NAZI WAS ADOPTED BY ALLIED (WAR) PROPAGANDA and TODAY it has become a word of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE to SILENCE ANYONE that criticizes the Jews.
The NSDAP for a time attempted to adopt the "Nazi" designation as what the Germans call a "despite-word", but they gave this up, and the NSDAP is said to have generally avoided the term. That is the reason for the word "Nazi" being on that haavara agreement coin.
ORIGINALLY the word NAZI was invented about 2000 years ago, to indicate a man from En-Nasir or En-Nasira (Which is Arabic for NAZARETH - Or do you REALLY THINK JESUS WAS RAISED WITH THE TALMUD??!!!)
Anyway, Hitler wanted the Jews OUT OF Europe. That's why he initiated the Hazaara agreement in 1933.
It even got a coin to celebrate that agreement, with the swastika on one side and the star of David on the other. (Ein Nazi Fahrt Nach Palestina Und Erzählt Davon In Angriff)
From 1938, the new place to expel the Jews to was Madagascar to isolate them completely! (And in 1939 came WWII)
Hitler was NOT a Freemason NOR was he a Jew! This is ALL DISINFORMATION!
- Hitler showed a WAY OUT OF THE BABYLONIC BANKING SYSTEM - Within THREE YEARS a bankrupted Germany with MILLIONS of unemployed was back on its feet, IN SPITE OF a (Jewish instigated) world wide depression and IN SPITE OF a world wide boycott on German goods, placed upon Germany by the Jewish international Cabal.
- Hitler ARRESTED the Rothschilds in Germany (1933), Austria (1938) and France (1940) and CEASED THEIR ASSETS!!!

Hitler ABOLISHED Freemasonry (The henchmen of the Jews) in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark. Norway, Holland, Luxembourg and Poland. (As Franco did in Spain and Mussolini did in Italy!)
- Hitler PROTECTED SPAIN (Spanish "civil" war 1936 - 1939) AND FINLAND (Winter war 1939 - 1940) FROM COMMUNISM (called BOLSHEVISM at that time!!!)
IF Hitler was a freemason or a Jewish agent, all he had to do was follow the Weimar Republic policies to devastate Germany COMPLETELY!
IF Hitler was a Commie all he had to do was to WAIT UNTIL JULY 15th 1941 !! - The START OF OPERATION GROZA (Thunderstorm)
As General Patton already stated in 1945: "WE DEFEATED THE WRONG ENEMY"
Hitler was not financed by Western banks at all. For further information on this, see "The Myth of Big Business Nazi-Axis", found here: (, and "Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP" found here: ( both are on the website.
Another jew pushed lie is the use of the Skull and crossbones, many subversive jew mossad agents will try to make false ties between it and the jew "skull and bones" group, but its a lie, The skull and crossbones is an ancient german military symbol going back to the King of Prussia Frederick the Great, it indicated a willingness to die in battle, its a way of saying "Victory or death", it stood for: either we win, or we will die meant death or glory/victory. So many known jews such as "diggler77", "ashkenazi", "unoraza", "weapon x", "schpankme" and various ((("others"))) on bitchute do nothing but troll and paste their copy and paste jewish lies all day long, there are many such mossad type accounts on bitchute, you'll know (((them))) by their fruit, what they say, the lies (((they))) tell to try to divide and conquer our folk even further while trying to prevent you from coming to the truth. Whites are being played like fools by the lying hook nosed satanic trash...but all they have over you is your ignorance, so be not deceived, educate yourself completely and do not fall for anymore divide and conquer tactic lies from jews.
Also, Hitler the Greats DNA has been PROVEN to be pure Aryan from DNA tests done on a direct relative of his that would have had ALL the exact same DNA.
Was Hitler a jew? Read this for facts:
Was Hitler a "zionist stooge"? Read this: >>>
And this:
Also this: https://justice4germans.wor...
and these: http://www.renegadetribune.... & http://www.renegadetribune.... & http://www.renegadetribune....
This also: http://www.renegadetribune....
Watch this: >>>
& watch ALL Videos in this playlist!:
Info on the Haavara agreement:
Info on Gun Control Under Hitler: https://nationalvanguard.or...
Videos explaining National Socialism: >>>
To get a better understanding about the (so called) "(Hitlers) table talks", see this page and read it all: >>> and also this page >>>> https://www.richardcarrier.... and also this >>>> https://inconvenienthistory...
Pervitin was used as a stimulant to extend wake periods. That works for the first time, when you were 18 hours awake and need a few extra-hours to be awake. It doesn't make you "high", but will have repercussions in the end, since you get used to it an one actual does need to sleep to allow body and mind to recover. The supposed magical effect and wide use by German WW2 soldiers is typical sensationalist exaggeration propaganda perpetuated by the Jewish media. 
Amphetamines are part of the repertoire in other armies as well. Again just for emergency situations to avoid failure to perform over extended periods.
Below are just a few marxist propaganda articles I found from the JEWISH press promoting this lying non-sense.
The British soldiers alone used more than 27,000,000 amphetamine tablets during the war and the other allied forces used very many also, certainly more than German soldiers had used.
So we can see and understand that its the JEWS and their mindless followers that try to push that crap!! In other words, BEWARE of ANYONE you see pushing such things, odds are that they are members of some subversive jew organization, such as the mossad or the adl or maybe they are agents of the jew nighted states (((government))), such as fbi or cia.
Adolf Hitlers fathers name was Alois Schicklgruber, When Alois was promoted in the Customs service, he applied to be legitimised in the name of his stepfather Hiedler, which was entered in the register as 'Hitler', for unknown reasons. Adolf Hitlers father loved and respected his step father, so he changed his last name in honor and respect for the man he considered his father. It does happen, as my best friend also changed his last name to that of his step fathers because he felt that he did more to raise him than his natural father did.
Lately i've seen an idiot on bitchute going by the username "franklbritton" posting a large amount of jew disinformation concerning Hitler and National Socialist Germany (along with the usual suspects such as the known mossad agent jew "diggler77" and various other disinformation agents), one of its idiotic lies points to a certain pin given out in 1934 by National Socialist Germany for work in farm and agriculture, called "Tag der Arbeit", the assumption by the idiot disinfo agent is that the NSDAP were really jew commies because that pin showed a Reich Eagle "holding" a hammer in its right wing and a sickle in its left wing, so the people who are ignorant about WHY can be easily dubbed into believing a false connection existed between the NSDAP and the soviet jews, but the reality of the situation Germany the hammer and sickle in this context were (and still are) very common symbols for industry and agriculture respectively. You see them frequently on guild regalia and the like. Their use here on a 1934 Tag der Arbeit workers pin is appropriate and obvious. There was absolutely NO connection to the Soviet Union implied in that pin.
The Soviet Union appropriated (stolen is more like it) the hammer and sickle because they were symbols of farm and industrial labor; the symbols did not become associated with labor because of the Soviets. In other words, the hammer and sickle were just more examples of STOLEN and MISUSED symbols by jew usurpers, and it should be obvious by now if you consider that (((they))) falsely use ALL symbols that they use, such as the pyramid in one can honestly believe that jews built anything, much less the pyramids, and surely no one could ever believe that jews had ever been hard working stone ("free")masons!!! LOL!!
Another thing, i have heard shit about both john friend and veronica clark, i personally cant stand veronica clark or richard carrier but it just so happens when it comes to "hitlers table talks" that they are 100% correct. I have heard some bad mouth john friend because he was (probably unknowingly) hanging around some informant scum, that same one that harassed the "evalion" girl, so regardless of if john friend was threatened or his family threatened to do whatever that he SUPPOSE to had done, is really besides the point, the article he had written is 100% straight up FACTS and theres no two ways about it!!! His article setting the record straight about Hitler the Great is absolute TRUTH, and if anyone ever does their own research they would SEE that clearly...but you have to stay away from the mindless (((bastards))) that would have you so confused that you dont know which way is up!!!!!!!!
The false allegations and desperate attempts to discredit Hitler and his great work are getting more outrageous and ridiculous as time goes on, you can be sure that its being orchestrated by jews in an attempt to derail the truth and to try to stop the Aryan unity starting to happen all over the planet. The jews are scared and trying to do damage control now by pushing as many lies and as much disinformation as possible to keep as many of our folk totally confused to reality and fighting and arguing among ourselves as possible, its an age old jew tactic. Thanks to "RAL9010 NatSoc" for his help in putting this truthful comment together.
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