Just Thoughts - The Lost Tribes of Israel REVEALED 2012 .wmv

Carl Behrens
Published on Feb 26, 2021
That you might throw off the lies of the Synagogue of Satan and the parrots who repeat their lies; know your true history of the lost tribes of Israel.
That you might know the English people, the Germans and the Nords and some others are the lost tribes.

Why do the Edomite Jews wish to kill off these people? The lost tribes must be decoupled from Christ in the form of atheism and occult; to lose their blessing and create a path to fake Jew world order, great deception.
If you are one of the people parroting that Rome and Europeans are Edom (Many modern Jews are Edom as per Jewish Encyclopedia 1905, p.41) "get behind me satan;" you are a Jew or Jew agent.

From: The Lost Tribes of Israel REVEALED - Just Thoughts BIBLICALRESEARCHLABS


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