Benny Netanyahu @Davos WEF: More mutations are coming goyim! You need to be vaxed!

Published on Jan 28, 2021
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More mutations, more vaccines in the coming years according to this lying yid.
Israel will serve as a "light to all nations" world laboratory
Israel's privacy-respect data collection is key to it's success in the scamdemic
Bibi has been on the phone (3x7) 21 times with Pfizer CEO.
10:00 He adds that vaccines will alternate(Oh goodie, more Microsoft updates to pay more!)He specifically mentions children and teenagers.
Oy vey goys! It's a race between mutation and vaccination! We must accelerate the vax!
14:56 uh uh uh ah uh uh our (((free markets))) from the central banks are most important. At least he admits he's bigger than the NSA in spying on the goyim.
16:45 Israel's military and Mossad go on to work in civilian companies overseas, his brother went to California to work in Intel. He chairs three committes, defense, foreign affairs and deregulation(Watch for the incoming Noahide laws and Sanhedrin, goys)
20:10 (((Normalized))) UAE shabbos talks about Water, environment and food, as if they aren't poisoning and culling deliberately.
22:05 Baruch Hashem! Business is booming after (((Normalization)))
24:30 Israel intends to be a world leader in solar technology in 10 years
26:05 Shabbos Pajeet from Cybersecurity. Bibi talks about how they are 2nd in IT compared to the United States of Judea. The defense against state actors(Iran) for cyber infrastructure is complicated. Here come the "uh uh uhs"
31:33 Bibi is uncomfortable about retaliating on Iran and has to deflect.

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