Brendon O'connell Gets Set Up By Evstratios C. Moraities, aka Lenny Bruce (Uploaded 2012)

Published on Nov 30, 2020
There is a dangerous MK Ultra mentally ill Con Artist in the Common Law Community. He goes by Evstratios C. Moraites, aka Stratton C. Moraites, aka Lenny Bruce, aka KeepTruthFree, aka Pig Pen “from Charlie Brown” is a mentally ill person that is telling people he’s a holy christian. Then gains numerous people’s confidence then hacks their computers, getting into their personal accounts and sending messages to people, Destroying years of their data or holding it hostage to use on them. He was once with a group called “The World Freeman Society”. When they figure out what he was about they tried to get rid of him. He told them that he had recordings of their private meetings that he would go public with if they let him go. He is so crazy they let him go anyway.
He also would tell people he would help them with computer issues, then make their computers crash. He also has been on the net with what looks to be a 38 Special, Cocking a shotgun then saying he’s going to do violence to his political enemies.”we’re talking government people”!.
Witness accounts of visitors to his home say he has an Ak-47 just laying on his floor, and some kind of under the counter gun holder. He also records calls of people and tries to re-edit them, or not to get people in trouble, but the only person that ever says anything stupid is Evstratios C. Moraites.
There are too many victims of his internet predator crimes to name. All of his victims did not know each other until there were so many victims that they started sharing there stories of abuse.
He is a self confessed woman beater, ex-con and is supposed to be taking psychiatric drugs which I think he is not taking from his actions.
Being a mentally ill person he is not supposed to have firearms, but he does.
He keeps such a filthy smelly apartment that the complex has tried to evict him.
He tried to make me a victim of his crimes , but I caught on and played stupid so I could draw him out then did a Radio Show Exposing his crimes, but of course Cult members have thick skulls. Some Victims of his crimes have been , Christie of Truth brigade radio, Don perry, Evren Welshon “Quest”, & Brendan O’Connell of Australia. It would be in the truth movement best interest to shine as much light on this roach as possible.


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