John Lennon admiration for Adolf Hitler upload for HT

Published on Nov 1, 2020 Cybergnostic
The enemy of Churchill was greatly admired by Lennon
Interesting that someone considered by many to be a founding father of cultural Marxism would secret admire the one man who fought against communism.
The leftist/globalist/ Communist fairy tale can be traced in many of
lennon's lyrics like "imagine".. I suspect he had to keep his secret in the closet considering his life literally depended on the Jewish Record companies who owned him.
But in the end it would appear that the Englishman who was inspired by Buddy Holly kept his fashy thoughts in the closet while leading his 'British Invasion" on rock n roll..
at mourning the ancient dot com there is n excellent story about Lennon's fascination with Hitler, through a British art collector and Lennon's former wife. they discuss Lennon's sketchbook and his private collection of national socialist memorabilia...
go to Adolph Hitler and the army of mankind under mourning the ancient to read the story yourself, its quite eye o


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