North Korea's trillions of dollars of UNTAPPED WEALTH (Mini Documentary)

Published on May 18, 2021
There are many secrets about North Korea, and many squandered opportunities, but the most engaging of all is how North Korea has left trillions of dollars of natural mineral reserves in the ground. North Korea has wealth... it just doesn't realize it. This video explores how North Korea has failed to execute on its greatest natural resource.

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Few consider North Korea as being a rich state, however if that’s the case, why is this guy, Kim Jong-un, the North korean dictator… …smiling?
Contrary to what people may think, the state is wealthy in a single regard: friendship…. no I’m just kidding, it’s minerals.
Currently North Korea is alarming the United States with its attempts to field long-range nuclear missiles which could hit American cities. Nobody is aware of what's occurring inside the country; There could be an imminent 6th nuclear test tomorrow, or in a month or never. An attack on the US or its allies could be suicidal, so what might be occurring is that Pyongyang likely aims to extract “aid” from the international community in change for dismantling a number of its weaponry, rewind approximately 10 years to see the last time it pulled off the good old “nuclear blackmail” trick.
But however much North Korea could extract from different nations in this way, the end result would pale while we compare it to the price of its in large part untapped underground resources.
Below the nation’s mostly mountainous surface are vast and rich mineral reserves, which include more than 2 hundred types of minerals, there also are massive quantities of uncommon earth metals, which factories in close by countries want in order to make smartphones and different high-tech products.
It’s predicted that the belligerent state sits on petroleum reserves which might be worth six to ten trillion us dollars, ...according to the South Korean state-owned mining enterprise Korea Resources.
Obviously, since this nation prefers to keep its own secrets to itself, there are no official reports on the scope of North Korea’s mineral wealth.
It is believed that North Korea has made exaggerated claims about their mineral resources, we can see this for example in this article of business Korea:
*I’ll show the article in the video*
The mining sector has been fundamental for North Korea since the 1970s, it has exceeded other industries in importance because of its irreplaceable role in providing enough materials and energy sources for the DPRK(democratic people’s republic of north korea). For successful development of the mining industry, the DPRK has established three major and fundamental policies: one, strengthening geological exploration to promote new coal and mineral mines; two, promoting technological development in the excavation of underground tunnels and in ore collection procedures; and finally, scientific research in digging equipment and exploration.

But while mining production increased until about 1990, iron and other mineral productions peaked in 1985.

In 2012 the mines were counted and North Korea has about 700 of them, according to the International Minerals Statistics and Information report by the United States Geological Survey.

Many, though, have been poorly run and are in a state of neglect.
The nation lacks the equipment, expertise, and even basic infrastructure to properly tap into the jackpot that waits in the ground.



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