This Is Kaporos

Published on Apr 14, 2021
Unparalleled Suffering expose on the annual chicken Kaporos ritual in New York City. All footage filmed in Brooklyn and Queens in 2016 to 2019. To learn more about Kaporos click on the links below and/or watch the other Unparalleled Suffering Kaporos documentaries - Kaporos: Wasted Wings and Robin: Rescued From The Dead.

Note: the clips with the man flashing the money is a worker at a Kaporos location. He didn't know me as an activist or a protestor, he thought I was completely okay with Kaporos. He flashed money with chicken crates behind him and with chickens all around him screaming. The profits off of the backs of animals is central to Kaporos and almost all animal exploitation, this is not a shot to be anti-Semitic and has nothing to do with the "jews and money" stereotype. Humans love having power and making money over animals no matter what ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. they are and this scene is not scapegoating Jewish people. Greed and cruelty and apathy happens to be almost universal among humans. The shots cutting from the man with the money to the dying chicken is done to juxtapose the greed, selfishness, and apathy of the human with the pain, torment, destruction, and misery of the chicken victim. This video was also made by someone who happens to be a non-practicing Jewish person, who doesn't like religion but doesn't have anything against anyone for simply being Jewish. These efforts against Kaporos and to expose it for what it is is done for the victims and bringing about a more sensible world, it has nothing to do with being against Jewish people.

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