MCP 10-20 July 2007 Mohammad-Christians may be trusted, Renouf, Roosevelts were jews from Spain

Published on Jul 7, 2021
20070719 - 24 Rick Adams filling in

20070718 6 Letter from WW2 vet (helping Germans) Oscar Plummer, James Bacque “Other Losses - An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners”!M8xj0LzI!6uYfzFvh57rDBqI6VexNAw

29 Paul Fussell – Bolsheviks = mass murdering jews, 33:10 Roosevelts were jews from Spain

Paul Fussell book pack
Abroad_ British literaty traveling between the wars-Oxford University Press (1980)
Class _ a guide through the American status system-Summit Books (1983)
Class_ Style and Status in the USA-Arrow Books (1984)
The Great War and Modern Memory-Oxford University Press 2013 & 1975
Wartime-Oxford University Press 1989
Wartime_ Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War-Oxford University Press, USA (1989)

20070717 Book Steve Lynch ‘Remote control – the battle for your mind”, most people are gullible, excellent article detailing Blacks murdering a couple of whites – ADL attacks reporters who expose the truth, 25 Alex Linder mentioned by caller, 37 ADL Leo Frank (goto my pdf search for heading “ADL – a detailed history”)

20070716 repeat

20070713 Lady Michelle Renouf – excellent speech at holocaust conference, 11 Mohammad said “Christians may be trusted”, 30 MCP speech in Russia, 34 in the words of a jewish writer Yuri Slezkine “the 20th century was the Jewish century” –who candidly wrote that communism in Russia was basically Jewish supremacy.

Yuri Slezkine - The Jewish Century & - The House of Government_ A Saga of the Russian Revolution (2017)

20070712 Guest Van D Loman

20070711 Guest Van D Loman 9 FBI instructed KKK members to attack Blacks but don’t attack jews,

20070710 McCain = criminal,, George Lincoln Rockwell

20070709 repeat

Show lengths 10=44.22 11=41.33 12=40.26 13=44.12

MCP quotes (this same link will be regularly updated)

Link to all my uploads including other good channels/videos, in pdf file (28 June 2021). organized in categories.

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