Goy Under Yah (GUY) - GUY by Lady Gaga Parody

Published on Apr 24, 2021
Lyrics by fellow Renegade from Serbia
Greetings Jesus
Instrument of Jewish control, son of Yahweh
Sacrifice that baby, and feast as this audio guides you through jewy and disgusting experiences
[Verse 1:]
I wanna be the goy under Yah (oh yeah)
I wanna be your G.U.Y. (yeah)
I wanna be the slave and serve you (oh yeah) Our faith does teach us lies
I'm gonna wear the crown, want the power to serve you You're aiming for full control of this world (of this world) Touch me, touch me, please eat meat
Love me, love me, I’ll be your sheep
Let me be the goy under you that makes the white race die
I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.) I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.) I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.) The goy under Yah (G.U.Y.)
[Verse 2:]
You’re gonna say the word
And own me
I'll be your (S.L.A.V.E.)
Guy, I'm shillin' for the sake of you Know, I'll wear your cross well
I don't need to be on top
To know that I'm yours
'Cause I'm completely blind to know the truth I just want it to be jews
Because I'm best when I kill heathens
And I kill them for you
Touch me, touch me
Control your slaves
Touch me, touch me
As Purim and Sukkot come so we can drink blood
Feed that foreskins to me
And Yahweh’s warring spirit rams into the white countries
Touch me, touch me, don't be shy I'm in charge like a G.U.Y.
I am lying to them all this time Under you like a G.U.Y.
I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.) I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.) I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.) The goy under Yah G.U.Y.
I wanna be that guy (G.U.Y.)
I'll be Aryan death cup guy (G.U.Y.) I'll cover it all up guy (G.U.Y.)
The goy under Yah G.U.Y.
(Astaroth Succubus) Moloch Naamah
Eiseth LOGOS! [4x]


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