TeamWhite 2020 No 4: Alison Chabloz, Alex & Jan discuss INSANE Jewish Britain

Published on Jul 19, 2020
In this episode of #TeamWhite, Alex and I chat to Alison Chabloz, the British singer and song writer whom the Jews HATE WITH A PASSION. They are constantly trying, by various twists of British law to get her into jail and to shut her up. She is even being monitored by the French Police.
Alison mentions people in France who are being madly persecuted by the Jews.
She also points out that thanks to COVID lockdowns, the UK will have a staggering unemployment of 4 million people by next year, which is 13% of the population. She describes the non-white nature of the UK as she experiences it.
I discuss with Alex his research into Mary Phagan and her murderer the Jew, Leo Frank and my investigations into Bubbles (Johanna) Schroeder, who was murdered in 1949 and the chief suspects were 3 Jews, all of whom got off the hook.
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