Intel Processor Backdoor or Bug? New Vulnerability + Solutions: Management Engine (Privacy/Security)

Published on Jun 6, 2021
NEW: 'bug' discovered in Intel Processors allowing someone to control/add code (like malware) into your processor. We've known for some time Intel processors have an extra hidden processor running a hidden OOB (Out of band) IP network utilizing the inbuilt wifi card. I go over the latest discovered potential bug/backdoor and solutions/mitigation for that pesky Intel Management Engine.

Is AMD a solution here? I would say a hard NO: Absolutely NOT a "fix". AMD has many of the same problems with its own customers locked out of disabling proprietary closed source "security processor". If the hardware manufacturer is not giving you choice on hidden access options: RUN. Run far far away!

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I posted a Public Post for everyone with additional thoughts/details including a potential (unverified) whistleblower's post at:

I am one who believes (where possible) we should use hardware we have the right to see what it is doing, even if we never bother to look (open source). If it is not open source you do not own it: it owns you.

While ARM is not open source, there is less risk IMHO. I make suggestions including moving routers/firewall to ARM/RISC-V machines.

We talk about solutions to disable functionality of Intel Management Engine. This includes my own personal idea, coming from my own research on IME.

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00:00 New vulnerability
01:04 Intel mangement engine
02:34 Intel Management Engine Mitigation
03:05 Latest backdoor possibilities
03:35 More details on OOB IME
04:07 MEI Device: Linux systems
04:49 Intel MGMT Engine Privacy Tips
05:54 IME Solutions Including One I came up with


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