HOLODOMOR: Stalin's secret genocide documentary on the starvation of Europeans in Ukraine

Published on Jan 25, 2021
By @political_hacker this is a documentary on the genocide of millions of Ethnic Europeans in the 1930s a genocide most have never heard of.
Towards the end of the video journalists were forbidden to talk about manufactured famine either they were ridiculed demonized.
Also the ukrainians were psychologically tortured into not talking or conversating about what had happened in their Homeland subverting the population into complete omission forced relocation and also forced migration eliminating Ukrainian sovereignty and nationality in accord with standard communist practice.
I see the same fear tactics and psychological warfare being deployed on the populations today with no opposition or consent.

Food being seized by the Soviet proletariat in order to destroy the sovereignty and autonomy of the Ukrainian people history repeats itself with the destruction of this food supply over here in the United States.




The United Nations wants collectivization through artificial intelligence just like the Soviet collectivization. Of 1930 to 1933. Like I said history is repeating itself through the deception of climate change, Agenda 21.


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