Metro Centre Nanny state Complience Agents FAIL.mp4

Published on Oct 17, 2020
Whilst making a short film about the surveillance state and the huge amounts of camera's that are being used to monitor everybody's life's. I do this because I am sick of people that are programmed to believe they have authority over another soul. Well the irony is when little old me was filming all these cameras the staff must of seen that as a glitch in the programme. As I was doing nothing wrong I didnt see what the problem was, but the mind control monkeys that think they have power over you break. Also when they come upon some one that does not back down they will will sick tac-tic's. Such as this poor excuse for a security man who tried to use the line "stop filming the kids" Funny thing is we caught him man handling a child well before this video.
So metro man is the true reason you dont want us to film in the metro centre is because you dont want to be caught out???


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