BBC edits Larry Silverstein pull it wtc7 lies kerry controlled fashion wtc 7

Published on Aug 9, 2020
A compilation of "inaccuracies" in the official and media representation of the world trade center 7 wtc 7 collapse, includes the bbc's careful editing of larry silversteins comments, the actual facts, john kerry's bizarre answer relating to wtc7's collapse, + george bush's words of wisdom to the international community - can also apply to the comments of mainstream media in general

(height/distance) d = 174m
(time for collapse) t = 6.5s
d = Va X t (Va is Average Velocity)
Va = d / t
Va = 174 / 6.5
V1 (intitial velocity) = 0
Va = Vf+V1 / 2 (Vf is final velocity)
Va X 2 = Vf+V1
26.7 X 2 = Vf+0
Vf = 53.5
^V (change in velocity) = Vf-V1
^V = 53.5 - 0
^V = 53.5m/s
^V = a X t
53.5 = a x 6.5s
a = 53.5/6.5

a = 8.2 m/s/s for wtc building 7

"a" in a vacuum at freefall with zero resistance is 9.8m/s/s
"a" at freefall with air resistance is noticably lower.

which would imply that the lower floors disappeared as the upper floors descended.
The 40,000 tonnes of structural steel reinforced with concrete and heavy duty bolts were designed to withstand
earthquakes and tornados
and stand for over 100 years while supporting the weight of the upper floors + more
how can 47 floors of heavy duty structure holding bolts snap simultaneously due to fire
why did all the structural steel reinforced with concrete pulverize into dust or resist less than thin air due to isolated pockets of open air fire - when no plane hit it ??????


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