MCP 25 – 28 July 2006 Israel should be nuked, Israeli jews tried to kill President Truman

Published on Jul 7, 2020
20060728 - The Piper Report – jews attacking Hugo Chavez, 2 Senators who opposed war were killed in plane crash (one recently & Ernest Landine against FDR), Rupert Murdoch bought 25% of TV in Poland & jews buying up media in Latin America,,
20060727 - The Piper Report – Israelis die in war against Lebanon, protests should be made outside Synagogues, MCP confronts 3 jews in restaurant, Israel supplies weapons to South Africa, ADL spying on critics of the government of South Africa, jews own 100% of the USA major media, Danny Casolaro book ‘the octopus’ , all the bad guys in the CIA have ties to Israel, Israel funded Hamas, Ben Mosley & Derik Debask & Mathew Cloyed = 3 jews who burnt down 9 Churches,
20060726 - The Piper Report guest Van Lohman – jewish USA war on Lebanon, jewish attack on Christians, protesters should be held outside Synagogues, jews control media and hence the country, 41 Israeli invasion of Lebanon 1982 – jews promised to protect women and children when PLO lays down their arms – the jews then murdered 3 000 women & children – organised by Arial Sharon, Israel should be nuked, King David Hotel jewish terrorist attack memorial – jews celebrate it
20060725 - The Piper Report – guest Van Lohman good – Dr Andrew Mathis attack Daryl Bradford Smith (the scum), Israeli jews tried to kill President Truman with poisoned letters (sounds familiar – 911 anthrax), All the founding fathers of Israel were terrorists, 27 ‘Jewish lightning’ = jews setting fire to their own businesses to claim insurance, Rudolf Giuliani shut down the Italian mafia and allowed the Russian jewish criminals to take over, Bush family = criminals tied up with arms dealing, 40 jews always try to wipe out history (censorship), Israel = parasite
The Monday show is not included, since it is with Bollyn & Sam Danner (Bollyn’s friend) both dis-informants
The octopus - secret government and the death of Danny Casolaro Feral House (2004)

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