MyWhiteTV -- NC SCOUT Wants To Kill Us WHITES Who Don't 'Believe'

Published on Aug 23, 2021
“Belief” strikes again. NC Scout of the website wants to kill us WHITES who don’t subscribe to his religious belief. Send us "to hell" "en masse" -- that's what he wrote.

And to think, some anonymice have called ME "divisive"!

Come see his post on that military-veterans’ site.

Also, I present some snips from the great Liberty Bell magazine written by Revilo Oliver and pertaining to three versions of the “Christianity” mind-poison — the standard U.S. version, the “British-Israel” version, and the “Christian Identity” version, all still afflicting very many of our fellow Whites.

It bears repeating:
“On the railroad track of Truth, belief is the first step off the rails.”

Closing with some levity, I offer a few “Funny Truths” related to hoaxes, including the infamous “covid.”

Thanks for watching MyWhiteTV. The only White tv. Right?


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