Dr Jeffrey Lang - My Journey to Islam. If you are less well versed in islam you could easily be influenced by them. look at how alex jones, joe rogan, Jan Irvin, Fox news, CNN all speak with one voice when it comes to Islam. Welcome to the club European Christians. Do not think Leaders in the middle east are any different to (trump). The situation is very serious and I do not think the muslims nor Christians can do it alone. Woke Christians/Europeans/African/Arabs/Muslims/Humans may have a chance. Christianity and Islam have been seriously weakened in many different ways by the same threat. What you do not know can harm you.

Published on Oct 23, 2021
An amazing journey of Dr Jeffrey Lang who was born into a Roman Catholic family but by 18 he was an Atheist.

He converted to Islam in the early 1980's and lives with his wife and children.


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