Darpa Avatar Project Links Your Mind To A Digital World

Published on Mar 28, 2021
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This is what 5G is about. We are allowing it. It's being created by the so called global elites using your tax dollars/pounds/euros; it will be controlled by those same psychopaths. This is also why the cops worldwide are becoming more violent; they're being brain damaged and psychotronically controlled (even if they don't know it). This is why you need to dump all of your smart phones; this is why you all need to dump the smart grid, and all census. Give them nothing about you or your family. Get off facebook and twitter, and minimize the use of the internet. This IS NOT EVOLUTION! This is SATANIC!
Links and resources;
Advice For TI's (Targeted Individuals)
Targeted Individual Bryan Tew Testimony - Remote Neural Monitoring Vs Remote Neural Manipulation
Mark Passio - Psychopathy- Characteristics of Psychopaths
Cathy O'Brien - MKULTRA Mind Control Victim

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