We're In A Simulated Hunger Game. Why Is That Okay?

Published on Aug 14, 2020
The topic of Today's video is "We're In A Simulated Hunger Game, Why Is That Okay?"

After viewing some comments about the double standard allotted to the so-called elite and that which we are being downright berated into doing, I have to ask some more questions about this whole thing. Again, if the virus is so deadly and people are dropping like flies, and it is so contagious that just breathing the same air may have you succumb to this deadly virus and never recover, how is it that folks can gather en masse at the Congressman John Lewis' funeral? To be fair, there were several folks wearing masks, even the pall bearers, but seriously, we have been told we cannot gather together outside of our own homes in groups larger than 10 and yet the Ebenezer Baptist Church was filled to capacity.
Does this not remind you of the movie Hunger games, where the elite made all the rules for the masses and had an entirely different set of rules for themselves? Why is this okay? Do they have some kind of agenda where they are trying to get the masses angry as hell so they won't take it no more, or are they just plain mocking us?

This video: https://youtu.be/JcODj3_We3M
Music: "Healing" by Kevin MacLead

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