The plastic coffin factory in the middle of Georgia (Links below. Its Genocide)

Published on May 31, 2021
FEMA and CDC have been working together since the very creation of FEMA. Here we see the plastic coffins which are owned by the CDC. For well over a decade, they were staging these plastic coffins near all major urban areas. Since CDC is involved, you know it has something to do with DISEASE, VIRUS, and/or INOCULATION (aka Biowarfare/Bioweapon)
There is a pattern to what they are doing:
Mass graves prepared ahead of time:
Thousands of Guillotines Manufactured and shipped to the United States:
FedEx shipping out hundreds of thousands of body bags:
FEMA coffins being dispersed across the United States
Its not just. Its unjust. Its Genocide
If you plan to kill 200 million people in this country, you have to prepare. If you cannot see it you are blind, brainwashed and foolish.


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