Dark Monastery gregorian chants | Gothic litanies | Warhammer 40k ambient | Grimdark RPG music

Published on Apr 25, 2021
Dark monastic chants and Gothic gregorian litanies (inspired by WH40K).
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"Dark Litanies of Terra" is a set of seven priestly chantings dedicated to the cradle of Humanity. Deep bassy monastic voices coming from the enormous Cathedrals spread the message of Deliverance and Truth. The gregorian chants transmit the distant atmosphere of dark future - the gothic worlds of Man are in peril, and the lodge-masters seek to unify the fallen cults in the name of Pax Imperatorum. Immense and ancient giant statues, once a display of might and glory, now stand dilapidated upon the grey skies, awaiting the repentance of the ones who strayed from the Holy path of Eternal Providence. At the forgotten Monastery, the dominus-priest gathers his disciples to await the dawning of the red moon.
This album is partially and indirectly inspired by the fascinating Warhammer 40,000 universe and lore. It may as well serve as a soundtrack when reading the literature/playing the game/praying to the Emperor or pondering about the Grimdark future. Aside from that, it does not represent a direct, straightforward building up upon the lore, and is in no way affiliated with GW and related trademarks.
Music by:

Monasterium Imperi
(The entire album is around 26min long and is looped three times in this video)
Dark Gregorian & Byzantine chants, Gothic ritual ambient:
Metatron Omega (also a project by Scorpio V, author of this work). Deep and dark church choirs with dark ambient textures from a cosmic Cathedral:
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This music is an original work of art by Monasterium Imperi, as featured on Prometheus Studio label in the form of a digital album. You can use the music for free in your videos, if your videos are not monetized/sponsored/not for collecting revenue - as long as you provide proper credits with links to this channel and/or bandcamp (links on top of this description). If you want to use the music in an official project and/or license it for commercial/monetization purposes, feel free to send an inquiry to atmospher[email protected] or send a message to Prometheus Studio on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prometheusstudio.official


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