Did Jen Just Pull a PSAKI? 💩

Published on Jul 16, 2021
Malfunction at the podium? Psaki announces 'vaccines ‘can still kill you’ in eyebrow-raising slip-up' 💩
15 Jul, 2021 18:05
© Reuters / Leah Millis
A bizarre video of the White House Press Secretary advising on “communicating clearly” about vaccines, after she’d told Americans they “can still kill you,” has half the internet shocked, while the other half hasn’t quite noticed.
The clip shows Jen Psaki apparently responding to a question about vaccines during a Wednesday press briefing, stressing the importance of staying on message and praising actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo, who came to the White House to raise awareness on the subject.
But Psaki’s message soon takes an odd turn, as she suddenly declares that the vaccines the Biden administration is desperate to convince more Americans to take “can still kill you” – even if you’re “under 27.” She made the comment after noting there are areas in the country with lower vaccination rates among people under that age – seemingly meaning to say Covid-19 can still kill even young people.
“We are quite focused on communicating directly with those people, hence our special guest today, about why it’s important to get vaccinated, why these vaccines are safe, why they can still kill you even if you are under the age of 27,” Psaki declares, seemingly unaware there is anything odd about her words before concluding:
"We need to be clear and direct about our messaging."
Posted to conservative outlet TownHall’s Twitter on Wednesday, the clip quickly attracted a lot of attention from the political Right, along with independents, progressives, and other areas of the political spectrum known for their distaste for the Democratic political establishment.
Conservative columnist Gavin Wax has found himself in a pickle for his "sexist" comparison of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and her predecessor, Kayleigh McEnany. Wax took to Twitter where he retweeted an image that had Psaki and McEnany side-by-side in a collage. He captioned it: "Stunning and smart press secretary Kayleigh vs. ugly to the bone Jen Psaki" while also adding a comment that read: "Kayleigh was TV ready every morning[.] Psaki can't bother to prep or do her makeup."

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