Hartford Van Dyke The Shetar

Published on May 12, 2020
Hartford Vandyke confirms that the Law of the land of "Great Britain" and other "European nations" which adopted the English system is the law of the Jew =

"The Shetar".

Hartford Vandyke is also the author of "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars";

A must read! see attached link - https://peterquiggins.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/silent-weapons-for-quiet-wars.pdf
Shadow boxing for us goy will continue for as long as "the Shetar" dictates the law which is keeping us all away from the Gottfried Feder principal of "Autarky" kept from the people.

The Feder principle of " Auarky" once understood is the magic to a self sustaining nation without (((Gold, Petro dollar scam, and, or their old stock market gambling trick))) .... educate the audience or smoke and mirrors will always rule the day.

It will be the end of the (((banker crime families))) once the public understand the "Gottfried Feder" economic model. .......
Say no to the "Shetar" ........Say yes to "Interest free banking" ....

The Feder economic model of "Auarky" works .....Voice, and demand it out loud or the public will remain ignorant of the "ultimate remedy" for "world peace".

Be alert to anti white symbols of hate and rainbow birth control! "((( ⭐️✡ ☭w's)))"



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