MCP 23 Apr - 2 May 2007 JDL assaults Paul Fromm, Holocaust, Old Testament is fictitious 911 JFK

Published on Jun 3, 2021
20070502 JFK, E Howard Hunt=liar, 16 Alex Jones promoting conspiracy theory L. Johnson killed JFK, Alex Jones never talked about MCP’s theory - Mossad murdered JFK

21 “We never would have had 911, which I believe is the responsibility of the Israelis, had it not been for the Kennedy JFK assassination.”, 31 reason for attacking Iraq Saddam Hussein is due to Israelis, Mossad was involved in French Connection – not Vatican

20070501 Holocaust - Socialist celebration day, 5 School kids 8th grade are taught Holocaust lies,

8 I wonder if they taught the students in these Holocaust classes, that most of the people who actually ran the concentration camps, at the level dealing on a day-to-day basis with the Jewish inmates & the others, were largely Jewish folks themselves known as Kapos. & following the liberation of these concentration camps, many many many of the Jewish inmates complained that the Kapos were worse them, than the Nazi SS guards were.

Jews don’t like Anne Frank because she wanted to assimilate with non-jews

14 There are a lot of psychiatrists, who are absolutely convinced that this shoving of the Holocaust down the throats of young people, is making them insensitive to violence. They are been constantly exposed to pictures of dead bodies, to pictures of bodies being shovelled into the ground, & what you think then so many kids are insensitive to violence, & perhaps then ready to commit violence themselves.

JFK by Israeli jews, Holocaust – Romans killed 4 Billion Jews!, MCP was part of protest against Holocaust Museum, 42 MCP sent a brick to Holocaust Museum for analysis, Holocaust Museum is government funded

20070430 jews calls & says Irish behind 911, 6 In an article in The Barnes Review May-June 2007 by John Tiffany – Many serious Christian scholars, have come to the conclusion that much of the old Testament, particularly that part of the old Testament that purports to outline the history of ancient Israel, is nothing but an assembly of tales either created out of the whole plot or adopted by the early people, who are now claiming themselves Jews, & claiming a history in Palestine that basically is non-existent, confirm the Old Testament is fictitious (higher criticism), (589BC jews chose to fight, but not with spears & swords )

The myths of Israel, the ancient book of Genesis with analysis & explanation of its composition by Fiske, 1842-1921 &

The Mythic Past: Biblical Archaeology & The Myth Of Israel -Thomas L Thompson

20 Jewish Stern Gang tried to murder Harry Truman, The Old Testament is the opposite of the New Testament, 38 Michael Rupert – not a reliable source

20070427 JDL attacks Paul Fromm–the jewish terrorists should be killed, “I agree with President George Bush, we should kill terrorists, & I think those terrorists from the Jewish Defence League JDL, who attacked Paul Fromm, should be killed.”

5 “As I say, this guy who took the White House clearly through illegal means, war criminal Bush, was lying to the American people, his cohort Dick Cheney was lying to the American, that whole greasy group around them of neoconservatives, were lying to the American people. They should all be put on trial for crimes against humanity, they should be put on trial for crimes of treason against the United States, & upon their conviction, they should be lynched at the end of a rope. That is what is done to war criminals. & if convicted of these war crimes, I believe they should be hanged for war crimes.

The Jewish Defence League, a group, which at one time here in the United States, was listed as the BIGGEST domestic TERRORIST group on American soil.

8 And we now know from the writings of Robert Friedman, a Jewish American writer, who used to write for the Village voice & who wrote a book about the Jewish defence league & the founder Myer Kahani, we know that the Israeli Mossad has had a part in directing the JDL. That means that the intelligence service of our ally Israel, but was directing a domestic terrorist group here in the United States.

32 At Georgetown University, which is a Catholic University, they barred crucifixes from the classrooms, because Jewish students complained about it

20070426 AFP article on Israeli Spies in America, 9 Book by Dave Copeland “Blood & Volume Inside New York’s Israeli mafia” , jewish lies about holocaust

20070425 jewish photo of holocaust survivor Time cover page, Friedlander BS books, 23 Supermob, 33 Cyrus (Persian) freed the jews, Persian caller questions Ancient Greeks,

20070424 repeat

20070423 Boris Yeltsin dead & rotting in hell, MCP studies 1 year law, 14 Columbine massacre on Hitler’s birthday by 2 Nazi hating jews, Des Griffin

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